Our Mission

MentorMe is about empowering you to work less and live more.

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You’re one step away from achieving a 180° Breakthrough.

Imagine waking up and doing what you love, without needing to worry about how much you need to work to get there.  You don’t need to wait.  That life starts today.

The Core Is In Your DNA

Your values are coded inside your being.  Use the #1 value, the very thing that makes you special for who you are, to achieve anything you want in life.  It starts from within.

Connect Your Gratitude

Your dream, the vivid image of the goal you strive to achieve and work so hard to get is fueled by the gratitude within you.  Learn to connect your message through gratitude.

Gain The Results You Desire

When you work on yourself first, and you design a life that is masterfully simple, you’ll gain the time you so desire.  With a solid strategy, an action plan focused on automating your life, and a system built to help you get there, you’ll be well on your way to work less and live more.

Put your plan in motion. Move towards your goal in strides.

We believe you can work less and live more.

A life full of time is one where you can learn to truly prioritize what’s most important to you.  We inspire you to do the things that you love and to never get discouraged by failures.
In the end, you win.

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The Core

The Core is about finding yourself and starting from within.  A refreshing view on shortcuts and secrets of prioritizing can transform your world of thinking differently.  Written from the view of a marketing strategist, the Core is about helping you figure out how to get what you want in life.  You have the power to do so, and it all starts with you.

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Connect With Yourself

Our courses are designed with The Core in mind, to make you a better strategist and entrepreneur.  You’ll learn to create a new limitless mindset and use it to its fullest potential in order to achieve your goals effectively and successfully.

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Inspire Your Audience

Gain an in-depth perspective on how to create the perfect Core strategy for your company or organization.  Learn to think and start from within.  Discover what drives results.

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Invite Us To Talk

Inspired by Italo Campilii’s Core process and former Apple Education Specialists, this workshop focuses on helping your team or organization define an approach that’s set to transform your millennial culture and bridge the communicational GAP that exists in our bright generations today.

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Dedicated to you.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to win in life.  MentorMe was founded with the commitment to empower the world with knowledge that can create a true impact in those who apply the principles.


From Within

Learn to take your vision into action the smart way.  Swipe right to learn more about The Core book principles >>>


Your Inner Strength

Core is what gives you the inner strength to execute your vision.  Without the core, there is no execution.


Simply Show That You Care

Connection is the way your company communicates from the inside out.  Without targeting your audience with a compelling message, you’ll spend tons of money or time trying to figure it out.


The Natural Results

Consequences are the results you reap because of your hard work.  It becomes very visible when your core is strengthened.

Our academy

Understanding how to leverage your passion into a lifestyle can be a time consuming experience.  Life’s full of simple secrets that can help us free up our time to focus on earning what we want the most: time! And experiences to go with it.  With our micro speed learning technology, we’ve designed courses that are simple and straightforward.  No fluff, no buff.  We believe everyone can and should learn quickly, and we believe you can be very knowledgeable in weeks on any topic.  Who knows…some might even view you as an expert.


Our purpose

We envision a world of mentors who can lead to inspire others to take action.  By giving the gift of knowledge, we are creating an ecosystem that will provide wisdom and invaluable information to transform the lives of those who want to make an impact in our world.