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So you’re looking for ways to work on what you love and you haven’t quite figured it out yet. Perhaps your business is already thriving, but you’re feeling stuck in this whole scenario as this girl life has really been taken away.

Some may even ask: “What should I do for a living?”

So no matter what position you are, I’m going to help you break free right here, right now.

So the secret here, and you need to write down this formula because thanks to this, I’ve been able to replicate it in almost everything else in my business and it’s made a tremendous difference.

The secret of how you can do what you love

The secret for doing what you love is that US humans are visual creatures. We’re able to process visual data much better than any other data. So our brains process even more than 60,000 times faster than text. And over 90% of this information is transmitted to our brains as a visual form. And then I learned early on that my strengths were visual.

So if this secret is out there and you start to envision an image, and so my technique, I started developing this, I said, well, I have to envision an extremely accurate imaging.

What is the one goal that I’m trying to achieve?

How can you envision it?

Why would it even matter?

Then you paint that visual drawing. How do you feel about it?

Stay in that feeling.

Because if you feel strongly about this idea, you’re most likely going to have a clear path and then capture it with precision.

Now, do not become a perfectionist about this. All you need to do is achieve the goals in the best way possible without becoming overly perfectionist about it. You just need to build up this momentum. And I mean, think about this.

What if you could just take that monthly pay of yours and bring it into one day’s worth of pace?

What if you could just take what you make an entire year?

Do the math

You divided monthly, let’s say you make $45,000 a year, which is the average income in America, and let’s say that, $3,700 a month is what you’re making, right? How would it feel if you could just grab the $3,700 a month? You make it one day’s worth of income?

Passion takes you to places

Here’s a little bit of my story.

After I started living on my passion as a wedding photographer, the business continued to thrive into the commercial space.  After servicing many business owners, little by little, I grew to larger accounts.

I found myself servicing four to 50 companies, which they demanded my services.

And through the process, it was never because of my talent.

It was never because I was the best photographer and it was never because I was the most technical.

It was actually because I was able to put a story behind the lens. I had learned that there is an invaluable meaning behind a story. And as humans we love stories. We love connecting with them in very visual ways and emotions are the drivers of the stories. So my own photography business took off and at the time when I saw that it was growing exponentially, I was charging up to even $400 an hour.

Find ways to get rid of your 40 hour workweek

This is let me to quit my 40 hour work week. And during those years I dive straight into what I was passionate about. When I began to focus on my passion, I began to make more money even though that was never the goal. When I really focused sometimes you know, some of my jobs were paying me even more in one day more when I used to make in an entire month.

So one day I was very fascinated by this book, the four hour work week by Timothy Ferris. It changed my entire perspective on how I do business, everything.

How simple could it be that I could just shrink my work time by four hours a week? Right?

And so I understood the value of time. I understood that I just had to put the systems in place. I understood that I have to simply put everything into a good plan, automated and then start catering to these high end clients, the ones that I wanted to target.

I became a master at it and I started mastering my photography and that was bringing high end clients to my branding company, which wasn’t turnt feeding the, the, the visual studio work, right?

So everything was coming into place. A $500 photography contract would actually turn into a seven or eight or $10,000 contract. And it would bring what I needed to. Beautiful. Brian’s into one of my true passions. So thanks to this and focusing on studying and learning, I was able to help everyone in the industry, at least the ones that I was able to touch their hearts on.

And everyone was wanting strategies.

Strategies set the foundation

They wanted a new perspective. And that’s what I was able to prove to them. These are the principles, this is the work you need to put into it and this is what comes out of it. And finally strategy starting to build up and I was mentoring CEOs of the companies and so forth, but I was a little exhausted because this wasn’t automated.

It became a consulting business. And so here everything grew just way too quickly. And I find myself again thinking, what do I need to do because I’m becoming an owner operator. So I took a step back and I started to think, well why didn’t things work? Right?

Keep it simple dude

One day I woke up and I decided to call mentor and this mentor helped me the value he taught me the value of simplicity.

That simple, right? His simplicity transferred into mine and I started to think very minimalistic. So true. Simplicity is about bringing order to complexity, said Johnny Ives, right? It is more, it is derived from so much warrant.

” It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple”

Then just the absence of clutter and ornamentation, it’s about bringing this order. And Steve Jobs says that it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple who truly understand the underlying challenges and to come up with elegant solutions.

So we can clearly see this on their campaigns when they spelled it out in 1977 simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It was their very first marketing brochure at the time. So what the this teach me after understanding the mechanism, the science behind simplicity. I team up with my mentor John, and he’s my dear friend as well. And the words of seed jobs, it really resonated with me.

Learn from Apple

John told me stories about Steve. He was the master of saying no. He said no to all the great ideas because he believed you needed to focus on the right idea on that one amazing idea that was gonna skyrocket, right? So Steve believed that if apple could focus on one big goal, they would excel at it. And in fact, they did. Right when the first iPod came out, it was the most successful player at the time.

When the first iPhone came out, it became an impact in everyone’s life, right?

So you’re probably thinking, we’ll say no right to really everything, but say yes to the right goal.

Learn to say no.

To do what you love, you have to learn to say no.

Now perhaps some of you may think, well, this is simple. This is something that is choose a goal and then stick to it.

But others, including myself, it was quite the challenge because the key is how do you know when to say no and when to say yes. And here at your first exercise, I want you to try this for yourself.

Do you think you’re going to say no to things like buying some kind of uh, objects that you really don’t need? You’re going to say no to distractions because you’ve got one single objective to accomplish, which is work less and live more.

Learn to say yes to the right idea.

If you really want to do what you love, you’re going to say yes to the big idea.

You’re going to say yes. Because what happens here is if you have this fire inside you, if you know that when you say no to all of these things because you want to work less and you want to live more and you’re hundred percent focus and you get here and you and a mentor brings you in and he tells you all you need to do is focused on the right idea and this is how we found a mentor me.

We founded MentorMe with the idea that we can save you decades of work or years of work of crashing and burning and let’s just bring you up to speed. Now let’s bring the right strategies that are going to work for you, the ones that have worked for us as well, and so I’m privileged and humbled to percent on this webinar. The three key things that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.

Money isn’t the key

You’re never going to hear at least from us how to get rich quick because that is not what life is about.

We’re never going to teach you that money matters because it really doesn’t.

But you will hear from us these three simple things:

  • How to find the follow your true passion
  • How to put those processes into place
  • How to take action always.

And this is very simple guys, and it really comes down to telling your story, right?

So in the process, I’m going to teach you some stories that have resonated. We’ll teach you with a story, and then the concept. And that way you can understand better and you could feel and connect emotionally with this idea.

So the secret sauce, number one, how do you find your passion? Well, let’s dive right in.

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