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How Do I Find My Passion

Every one of us wants to succeed in life and in order to do that, we are all willing to do whatever it takes.

But the painful fact is that out of millions of people desirous of having a satisfied life, only a few thousands are actually able to achieve what gives them both mental, and physical satisfaction enabling them to have a life of their preference.

Yes, it is heartbreaking. But the more important question is why is that so? Why do most individuals remain unable to get the outcome that their heart desires?

Well, the most typical answer you can expect to receive is that because the successful people followed their passion and so should you. And the next moment you find yourself pondering about ‘what is my passion?’ and ‘how do I find my passion?’ At one moment or another, we have all paused to reflect on the question, ‘if I could know what I am passionate about, everything in life will start coming into shape.’

Living a passion-based life

The key to start living a passion-based life lies in discovering what you, as an individual, are passionate about. It is here that many people go off the way, failing to make a proper assessment of themselves.

How do I find my passion?’ is the inevitable question to pop up in anyone’s mind seeking to put their life on the right track.

It is so upsetting to be told to live our lives in consonance with our passion. If only the advisor would be kind enough to also explain to us our ‘passion’!

Being trapped in a vicious circle of vicissitudes is everyone’s nightmare. Yet, a good part of humanity finds themselves caught in that.

The discovery of yourself

The inability of not being able to find the true sense and meaning of their life is the most painful and disappointing experiences humans go through.

It has led to severe problems from career failures to even suicides. ‘What to do with my life’ is the hard question which none of us can avoid coming face to face at one or another point of time in our lives.

Living a good life means having satisfaction with your work and personal life. Disturbance in one aspect could lead to serious issues in all other aspects as well.

As most of the time, we cannot determine what choices should we make to live a better life, here is a brief article containing certain tips and guidelines.

This piece is written with an aim to help you connect with the soul’s satisfaction.

What to do with my life

You may begin by asking yourself a series of questions that may lead you to a logical conclusion with regarding to making some vital decisions about your life.

For example, one such question to ask yourself is that what is that one thing about yourself today that would make younger you cry?

This analysis is particularly empowering as it makes it easier for you to give up all that negativity and a sense of uselessness that adulthood has thrown upon you.

A look at your childhood joys is more or less like looking in a mirror where you are able to see the defects and can improve them.

Consider reflecting upon this question: what is that one activity that indulges you in it so much so that you forget about the world around you?

The answer varies for every individual based on his or her interests. For me, it is research on history. For another person, it may be sports, or reconciling statements.

Similarly, for you, it may be something entirely different, depending on your aptitude.

Confidence is key to self-improvement and a happy, content life.

No matter what the society tells you, the fact is that you have all the energy and potential it takes to be unstoppable and successful. But before you come to that level, you will need to determine your passion base. If you remain confused about what you are excited by, and what exactly is your passion, you can do so by considering the following guidelines:

Ask yourself three basic questions

These questions have been meticulously designed to help bring about that one hidden passion in you, helping you to find an answer to ‘what is my passion?’

  • What is that one subject about which you could read hundreds of books and not get bored even a bit?
  • What is that ‘thing’ that you are happy to do for years even if you don’t get paid for the work?
  • Assuming you had complete financial freedom, what then would you invest your time doing in?

Another useful trick to identify your passion is to find out the activity that you hate the most being involved in. This is a particularly clever move as it is kind of walking all the way backwards. The first thing you can do in this regard is to make a list of all those things that you are disgusted by and have no interest in at all. This way, you will have the things you should not pursue so you can focus on the things that are not in the list.

You need to look around for the people that you are envious of exclusively due to their work! Try doing what they do. There is a good chance that by following those individuals you can find your own passion!

If you are looking for prospects for a successful career out of what you find yourself ‘passionate’ about, then it is vital for you to make and understand a clear-cut distinction between hobby and profession.

There is always a subtle difference between a career and a hobby. It may totally be so that what you are passionate about is not a good career incentive.

Now the question arises:

How to Find a Career You Love?

First things first, to find a career you love, go back to your childhood days! You are most likely to find a clue there. In days when you had no worries about your career, what did you love doing?

Drawing, science projects, playing sports? Whatever attracted you as a child should be your potential choice for a career!

When deciding about a career that suits your interests and passions, don’t bother to think about money!

Think about what you’d do if there was no money or you had complete financial liberty! Allowing financial limitations to hinder our thinking eventually has an adverse effect on our choices about the career that we actually want to join.

The person you idolise the most professionally may be the career you should opt too.  Reach out to them and gather more information about their career and work life. This will be of enormous help.

The aptest thing to decide the appropriate career for you is probably to take advice from a career advisor or a counsellor. Their professional opinion will help you see through the gap your eyes missed.

Keep an eye on your collectables! What type of stuff do you own the most? If you own books, then what genre? You probably have a thing to become a researcher or an academic in that field.

Take your time and be patient with reaching to the conclusions!

You should know that this journey to find your passion is going to change the direction of your life for good. So, it is better to give it as much as a thought as you can.

Consider every option that you can think of but be sure to keep a check on time you give to these options!

Remember, the quest to discovering your passion is a journey with many illusions. Your real passion is something about which you are always ready to discuss, and dialogue.

Temporary inclinations towards some things are not your passion. You will eventually get tired of them.

What is your passion has remained your passion since you were a kid!

It may have gone lost or crushed under the extreme burdens of adult life but with a focused digging into yourself, you can rediscover and start living a life you always wished of.

Be imaginative and try visualising yourself about getting to do what excites you as an individual. Imagine having to get up in the morning, and going to the work that you love doing!

The visualisation could be really helpful in keeping you focused during both stages of self-discovery.

During your journey to discovering your passion, you will be thrilled by the mere thought of enjoying the life and when you have known your direction, the inspiration to do something will keep you moving ahead!

Standing on the ground

Once you have discovered your true passion in life, remain true to it. Success comes from excellence and excellence is achieved through persistence.

Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none! Master one passion and take it to heights previously unimaginable.

Devote yourself wholly to your passion, work on it, and bring creativity to it.

As soon as you start making solid contributions, which you hopefully will when something’s your passion, you will see your life coming into the balance you wished to see it.







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