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How to Eliminate Fear

Regardless of whether you are afraid of public speaking or stepping outside your comfort zone; the fact is that fear is a natural sensation that many people experience. While it is natural to experience fear, it is not at all healthy to wallow in it. When it comes to overcoming fear, people often rely on techniques like deep breathing to do the job for them. But they soon realize that overcoming fear is a much more complex matter. The question arises: how to eliminate fear?

Concerned About How to Eliminate Fear?

Exercises like deep breathing seem futile when it comes to overcoming fear, right? That is not to say that deep breathing doesn’t work for people. However, if it doesn’t work for you, here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you feel fear:

Know What It Is

When you speak of getting on top of something, the first thing you need to do is understand what it is. Following this piece of logic, you need to understand that fear is not good or bad; rather it exists merely to keep us safe. At times, fear renders you unable to take any decision whatsoever. However, what you need to understand is that fear doesn’t prevent you from taking decisions. It rather urges you to think things through, even if it’s just one more time.

When you take this into perspective, you realize that there’s no direct need to eliminate fear. Instead, one should be focused on controlling and channeling their fears so as to benefit their decision making. Fear cannot keep you inactive, unless you allow it to. You can get the kind of results that you want by leveraging what you want on it. Once you have understood this basic principle and that fear is not your enemy, your actions will be significantly more informed. Remember that fear cannot dictate your actions unless you want it to!

Think Things Through

As we mentioned earlier, fear is there for merely aiding you in thinking things through. Fear is there to tell you that it’s time to put a lot more thought into something than you’d initially imagined. When you speak of how to eliminate fear, it’s essential for you to give in and actually think things through. The world often praises individuals with sharp decision-making skills. We idolize people who are quick to action while forgetting at the same time that haste makes waste.

The value of being thoughtful and deliberate might not appear to be that much on face value. However, these traits are of utmost importance in vital situations. And do you know what instigates these important traits? It is fear. Having taken this into consideration, you need to ask yourself: is fear really an enemy?

Conquering fear doesn’t require you to make a rough decision in the heat of the moment. Rather, it requires you to find a thoughtful solution to the crisis at hand. And once you think things through, you’ll feel the fear subsiding by itself. Why? Well, it’s because that’s what fear is there for: to make you think. Once you’ve put enough thought into a decision to rationalize it to yourself, there’s nothing left for you to be afraid of anymore!

Set the Right Goals

When speaking about fear, we cannot help but mention the fact that failure is one of its major causes. Let’s be honest about it: we all fear failure. Each and every one of us is afraid that our efforts and hard work will go to waste. Moreover, the aftermath of the failure—what it means for the rest of our lives—is another thing that strikes great fear.

When you take this into perspective, it may seem that getting over the fear of failure is tough. However, the fact remains that it can be accomplished by conditioning our minds in a certain way. Are you afraid of setting goals that you might not be able to meet? Well, why don’t you set such goals instead in which there’s no chance of failure? This doesn’t mean that you should set your goals to under achieve. Rather, it means to set your goals with the mindset to learn.

For instance, instead of setting goals like earning $10,000 by the next month, you would be better off by aiming to learn a new skill that will aid you in making those $10,000. And how will it aid you in getting over your fear of failure? Well, there is always something to be learned, right? This means that regardless of how badly you might do, you will still learn something. Thus, you will be meeting the goals that you’d initially set.

While it might sound like a small and rudimentary adjustment, it is essential to understand that it works wonders. Why? Well, it is because our mind plays tricks on us. This is the reason why we need to play tricks on it. This way we can achieve more than what it might allow us to otherwise.

Positive Thinking Will Not Get You Far

Are you of the perception that positive thinking is all you need to ace everything you set out to accomplish? If the answer is yes, you certainly are mistaken; or at least that’s what the results of this survey appear to be suggesting.

According to the study, two groups of students were asked to write what the upcoming week had in store for them. One group was asked only to write positive thoughts while the other was asked to write any points that came to mind.

The students who were asked to merely imagine that the week would be great actually ended up accomplishing less than the ones who had a more realistic view of things. When you take this into perspective, you can’t help but comment that positive thinking, on its own, will not get you far. Fear of facing obstacles is essential, for it prepares you for facing them beforehand. Think of it this way: if you don’t imagine an obstacle, you will not come up with a way of getting past it. If you wish to succeed despite every obstacle, you need to leverage positive thinking with fear.

The Reason for Failure

Let’s be honest about it: we all fail from time to time. Once you have failed, it is very easy for you to not try ever again. This is because fear will find you and it will be stronger than ever. You will feel that since you failed once, you will fail again…and again. However, that is not how things are supposed to work. Once you have failed, you can either use it as an excuse to never try again or use it to ensure that you never fail again. This raises the question: how do you ensure the latter?

Well, the fact of the matter is that one needs to learn from their failures. Regardless of what it might be that you have failed at; it is essential for you to take some time off to think. Once you have uncovered the reasons behind your shortcomings, you will learn from them. This could be a great way of ensuring that you never fail in the same manner again; owing to how you learned about the factors that resulted in your predicament. By this approach, there will be one less manner by which you could fail the next time you try!

Finding Out the Positives

Unless you got something horribly wrong, you will always have done right in just about every situation. This is the reason why it is essential for you to consider everything that you have done right in a forsaken situation. Why? Well firstly, it is because it will make you feel good about yourself. Let’s be honest: nobody likes failing, regardless of how much an experience might teach. Once we have failed, almost all of us need bucking up. Nothing beats having somebody else to give you back your confidence. However, the fact remains that you will not have somebody watching your back at all times.

This is the reason why it is so important to understand everything that you did right in a given situation. This will boost your confidence immensely, considering how you’ll have something to salvage from the situation. This will encourage you to not be afraid and do better the next time a similar opportunity arises. Focusing on the positives will prevent fear from taking a hold on you.

On top of that, focusing on the experience, on the whole, will aid you in growing as a person as well. How? Well, it is because the personality of a human being is a collective manifestation of their life experiences. If we focus on what worked and didn’t, we will be able to benefit the quality of our lives in more ways than we may imagine. At the end of the day, it is our individual personalities we have to spend our lives with. Why not do our best to make the experiences as pleasurable as possible?

Start Thinking Short-Term

Whether you aspire to become an entrepreneur or a statesman, the need of long-term thinking cannot be stressed upon enough.However, when you speak of the long-term perspective, you need to dream big. And when you dream a little too big, fear is bound to kick in. Why? Well, how could you not be in fear and awe at a big task in hand.

For instance, when you speak of becoming an entrepreneur, the long-term plan has to involve a significant accumulation of wealth. However, if the entrepreneur was to focus solely on that, he’d be too frightened of the task at hand and, perhaps, abandon the idea altogether.

This is the reason why it is essential to focus on short-term planning, when faced with such scenarios. A long-term plan might help you with direction but it will not help you in getting on top of your fears and doubts. In order to eliminate fear, it is advisable for you to take on every day as it comes, instead of focusing on a greater plan. However, for long-term success, it is essential for your short-term plan to be in coherence with the long-term one. If it is not, then you will find your strategy to be nothing more than a confused hodgepodge.

Come up with a short-term strategy that is not only easy to follow but complementary to your long-term plan. By doing this, you will not only be able to meet your desired long-term goals but also get over the fears that you would have faced otherwise as well.

Educate Yourself and Learn

When you speak of how to eliminate fear, you need to mention that failure is not the only cause of fear. People also fear what they don’t know and understand. For example, think about a student taking a test. If the student doesn’t know a thing about the tested topics, fear would be a natural outcome, right? On the other end, if the student studied the night before, anxious butterflies are the only things they’ll need to manage.

If your fear is based on a lack of information, accumulation of information will easily take care of it. Having the right pieces of knowledge and information will do wonders for ensuring that you make decisions that are backed by facts; this is way better than making mere speculations. And when your decisions are backed by solid facts and wisdom, the probability of success significantly increases.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Have you ever had to jump off a bridge into the river below because all your friends were doing it? If the answer is yes, then you would know what peer pressure is supposed to be all about. In that moment in time, the only thing that is on your mind is proving yourself to your friends, regardless of how fearful you might be of the jump.This is the reason why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people, since they will help you to eliminate your fear.

However, that does not mean that peer pressure is always positive. The reality is quite different. Peer pressure is, both, positive and negative. What you are able to get out of it directly depends upon how you wield it. For instance, if somebody’s pressure forces you to become someone that you are not, that is not the kind of peer pressure that you are looking for.

Surround yourself with people who push you to break barriers and be the best version of yourself. It is these people who will help you eliminate all the fears that hold you back!

Follow a Success Recipe

It is all fine and dandy to want to create your own path but that route is not meant for all of us mere mortals. One requires a lot of courage to stare in the face of uncertainty and still find success. If you don’t think that achieving such a feat is for you, then it doesn’t have to be. Why? Well, it is because everyone doesn’t need to make their own way when it comes to finding success. Some people can overcome their fears by taking the path trodden by somebody that they admire and that’s absolutely fine.

However, you need to understand is that your circumstances will NEVER be completely identical to your idol’s. What this means is that you will need to tweak their success recipe as necessary. As long as you remember to keep a clear vision of where you wish to be, you are certain to get there. Remember that it is not the recipe that matter but the place where it is supposed to take you. If you feel that certain adjustments need to be made in order to reach the desired destination, make them!

What Are You Afraid of Exactly?

While it’s important to focus on yourself, it is equally essential to focus on what you are afraid of. At times, we find ourselves afraid of things that are not at all worth it. So, if you find yourself in fear of doing something, get a sense of how big of a deal it is.

A manner in which you can make it happen is by asking yourself what’s the worst that could happen? If the worst scenario doesn’t sound too bad, the fact is that you should not be afraid in the first place. Often, it is fear itself that is worse than whatever it is that you are afraid will happen.

In A Nutshell

When you take it all into perspective, you have to say that fear is a natural part of being human. Often, it is fear that prevents us from realizing our potential and living the lives of our dreams. People who are able to master their fears achieve greatness. The ones who are unable to do this languish in mediocrity. Mastering your fears doesn’t necessarily have to do with not being afraid at all. Rather, mastering your fears is more about channeling your fears such that they buttress your goals and not hinder them. This is the golden rule to bring up when you speak about how to eliminate fear!


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