Looking For How To Find A Mentor To Give You The Guidance You Need?

Are You Feeling Stuck or Lost In Life? 

MentorMe’s Online Transformational Learning Academy Helps You Work Less and Live more……

Are you feeling lost in life?  Overall stuck and not sure what to do next…

Are you in need of finding a mentor because you’re feeling stuck in life, just not knowing what to do next, leaving you feeling lost, down, sad and depressed?

Many times the reason from feeling lost in life can be from not being fulfilled…

Maybe you’re working long hours, a 9 to 5 job that you can’t stand and wish you were doing something else, that you enjoy and that was actually fulfilling.

Do You Wish You Were Doing Something That You Actually Enjoy?

Do you wish you you were doing something that would not only make you happier overall, but really, just make you excited to get out of bed in the morning, because, you’re doing something you love, something that interests you and challenges you daily.

And doing something that really just lights up your entire world, since you’re living each and every day fulfilling your true potential, making YOUR unique impact on the world. Making your unique impact on the world sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

But, now the question you may be asking yourself is…

“How Do I Go About Doing What I Need To Do So That I Live Every Day With Purpose, Passion, Enthusiasm While Making MY IMPACT?”

One of the first steps that will be crucial to living out to your truest, fullest, potential is to find a mentor (which is what you’re doing right now, so great job on taking this first step)!

Seeking mentorship from someone who was once in your situation can be one of the most important steps to take on your journey of reaching your highest potential. So now the question you may be asking is how to find a mentor?

Well fortunately for you, that is exactly what MentorMe is here for! MentorMe is a micro-speed learning online academy centered around helping passionate individuals, like yourself, find their true passion to positively impact this planet. MentorMe was started by Italo Campilii‍‍‍ who had once been in your exact same shoes, feeling lost, unfulfilled and hopeless….

It wasn’t until Italo started working from within, really digging deep into his thoughts, beliefs and mindset that he was able to rewire his brain from having a hopeless belief system and mentality, into an “I can do anything” empowering belief thought system. And then act in accordance with this EMPOWERING mindset to really make a transformation from the inside out.

With this new empowering mindset and belief system, Italo has been able to simplify his life by eliminating the workload that was bringing him down.  In fact, after overworking himself with no results, and getting to the brink of losing it all, he transformed his life overnight.  He designed his business around his life, and not his life around his business. To do what you love and love what you do, you must be willing to sacrifice the “things” you don’t need: the thought of having more money.

You see, Italo discovered that if you discover yourself first, Start From Within, create the right systems in place, and put everything on autopilot, you might just end up working less and LIVING more.

Now Italo’s main goal and purpose is to inspire by being the best mentor possible to help others (like yourself) reach their highest potential to live a life driven by gratitude, passion, helping others. Italo wants to help you discover your Core, the values that lie within that beautiful life you have.  It’s right in there, and as a mentor, he will help you find it.

MentorMe Will Be Your Best Mentor/Guide To Help You Connect Back That Time You Knew What Your Life Purpose Was & Felt Unstoppable…

MentorMe will help you to connect back to that time when you knew exactly what your true values were, and could see it so crystal clear, you knew exactly what you wanted to do, your big WHY behind wanting to do it, and in that moment felt unstoppable, nobody or anything was going to get in your way….

Until your negative surroundings slowly but surely convinced you that your dreams were too far fetched, or next to impossible. Your friends, acquaintances, maybe even own family once told you, “oh that’s not possible,” or “really, how will you ever do that,” or “why would you do that,” or that “doesn’t seem realistic,” the list goes on. Sure enough hearing this negative advice day in and day out, without the right guidance and right mentor, you slowly started to believe it yourself.

And before you were even aware, instead of having all the reasons it would work, how you were going to do it, remembering your big WHY behind it all, had suddenly vanished and your once crystal clear dream laid out right before you turned it a distant plan with a huge list of why it couldn’t be done.

The negative surroundings that encompass your daily life eventually took hold and consumed you…

Eventually You Gave Into The Negative Advice, Going To An Unfulfilling Job That You Hate While Working On Fulfilling Someone Else’s Dream…

So you fell back into the trap of working a job that you really don’t enjoy, let alone even like, counting down until the weekend and dreading that Monday morning, doing this all over again, every single week just watching your life pass you and wishing things were different….

It’s so easy to give into the negative advice from your daily surroundings and start to believe in all the reasons why something can’t be done. The bad advice received from negative people usually are their own insecurities and fears being projected onto you (and they may do this without even knowing).

But it’s up to you to take control, we aren’t put in this world to spend every single day in pure mediocrity, going to an unfulfilling job and fulfilling everyones dreams but your own.

Life is far too short to spend everyday in pure mediocrity and misery…

MentorMe Is Here To Tell You That Anything You Want Out Of Life Is Possible, All Of Your Dreams Can Become Reality – You Can Have A Life You LOVE, Full of Purpose, Passion, Excitement, Growth And Much More

MentorMe is here to tell you anything you want out of life is possible with the right guidance, action and perseverance! You can fulfill your life’s purpose and have all your dreams become reality. And it not only can be done, it WILL be done.

We want to commend you for taking the initial step of seeking out where to find a mentor online and want to be the best mentor possible for you and walk you through a journey of transformation from the inside out to reach your highest potential and make the impact you were put on this planet to make.

Mentorme Is About Connecting All Aspects Of Your Life To Create A Transformation From Within To Make Your IMPACT On This World!

MentorMe wants to take part in helping you create a transformation from within yourself, creating that inner spark to reignite your fire and reach your highest potential to make your impact on the world.

See! You knew all along that deep down there was supposed to be something more to this life you live, something that will be exciting to wake up and pursue daily, something that would truly fulfill your passion and purpose, so great job on taking this very important first step of seeking mentorship to make your dreams become a reality.

We Commend You For Taking Action To Find A Mentor That Will Guide You To Reach Your Highest Potential To Make YOUR WORLD IMPACT!

We are so excited for you to begin your journey! If you are seriously looking for a mentor to truly positively change your life, help you turn all your dreams into reality while reaching your highest potential, then click the button below to learn more about MentorMe’s online transformational academy.

The transformational online academy is your new best mentor, friend, guiding force that is designed to help you reignite the fire within you to life a fulfilling life full of passion, purpose and ultimately help you reach your highest potential to make your world impact.

Here’s to your transformation of reaching your highest potential to ultimately making YOUR positive world impact.