Building Your Brand

From Apple to Cottonelle, without a doubt, branding one of the most vital pieces of a successful business. How many times have you gone into a grocery store and picked up the name brand product over the generic one? We establish ourselves with a brand for multiple reasons, which can include: reliability, core values or status. Everyone is a walking billboard for things they love, so it is your job, to make sure that your clients love you.

Establishing a Brand

It doesn’t take a large sum of money to establish yourself and your brand, though it helps. The biggest asset you have initially are your customers. They essentially will do the marketing for you if used right. People tend to have no problem bragging and representing a brand or purchase that they were extremely impressed or excited with. Going out of the way to build trust with your customer-base is the equivalent of having a large number of finances to market the brand.


In this course, we will discuss the imperative aspects needed to effectively build your brand. These will include designing your personal brand/logo/website, using the website to define your brand and then using the competition to your advantage. Keep in mind that going cheap is never going to work. Using a higher quality in content, videos and products are one of two main keys to this growth. The second key is networking effectively. By using this tips and tricks and the brand will sell itself.

Escape your work-life.

Imagine doing what you love, living a balanced life, and reducing your work hours to the bare minimum.  What if you could earn more valuable time and using it on what you value most? What if all you could do is prioritize on what’s important to you?  That day starts today.  It’s your turn.