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MentorMe is a micro-speed learning online Academy created for passionate, driven, individuals, who wish to break away from a system and find their true passion. By connecting back to the moment when your purpose was clear. When your dreams were evident. Before the naysayers told you it could not be done. Even before you felt broken, insecure and lost in the world. Without answers. Without guidance. Full of fear. Driven by a system full of false hopes and ideals, made to lure you into a mediocre life, servicing others’ dreams and passions.

When did you decide to give up on your dreams? Do you remember the exact moment? Was it a specific someone who told you “you are not good enough” or “this cannot be done”? Was it a particular moment someone told you to do something because everyone else was doing it? MentorMe was created to help you find your purpose. Your passion. And along the way, find yourself. Connecting all aspects of your life to create the ultimate transformation within. It’s about starting a movement, creating the spark that will allow you to ignite your fire and developing your inner core values.

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Are you ready to take control of your life?

Break through the noise and fuel your passion with our self-discovery program.

We’re willing to bet that when you work on your inner strength, putting yourself first and prioritizing your core values that everything else in your life will fall into place. We call this the domino effect. Similar to an athlete working on their craft and outer strength, focusing on your inner strength is if not, more important.

Meet The Founder
Our Professionals

Italo Campilii

​Italo is a business visionary, author, and strategist that believes in the power of starting from within.  As a bold, critical thinker, Italo has revolutionized an unique idea that has helped millennials and those who seek a better life to achieve their goals with the most simple approach. His unique blueprint serves to breach the GAP between where you stand today and the vision that you want to achieve in life.  Italo will teach you the strategy, principles and tools that you need to monetize on your passion. As a life and business strategist, he is best known for breathing new life into individuals and companies, to maximize their ultimate potential.

How Can I Take The First Step As a Millennial?

It’s clear that when attempting to release our inner-greatness, we have to be willing to rewire our minds and our lifestyles. Retrain them to see the light in any circumstance that we encounter, otherwise we’re doomed from the start. From self-improvement to starting a business, the key factor is to just get started.


Get The Results You Want With Self-Improvement 

If we could focus solely on one area that we needed to improve in order to be a better person, it would be easy right? Unfortunately, that’s not how self-improvement works. We have to take multiple steps as we work on various areas of ourselves. With the help of MentorMe, these steps become easier from day one!