Meet the founders

Co-Founder & Business Strategist

Italo Campilii

With over 21 years of experience, his award-winning work and dedication has helped entrepreneurs, business owners and celebrities gain predictable growth and global recognition through the power of story telling.  

His strategy to digital marketing and sales is simple – care first.  The foundation of his career started at Apple & Google in Italy, which enabled him to successfully launch a sales center, leading and mentoring 100+ people in the travel industry without an online sales funnel.

At that point is where he learned the value of simplicity, automated all the processes, re-launched a new sales center and was able to double the sales with a team of 5 sales people and 1 manager fully remotely.  He found that one well built funnel could reduce the sales force by 96%, while converting more clicks into customers.

Italo is currently working with LATAM’s largest social community developer, helping companies raise venture capital with a 9-figure pipeline & currently serves as a speaker at the John Maxwell Team and EXMA, LATAM’s largest marketing platform where he is a Guiness Record Holder.  Italo is keenly focused in the travel, real estate & business education space.

Co-Founder & Sales Strategist


When Apple was at the brink of facing the biggest challenges in their times, John found an opportunity to help turn things around.  His laser focus and determination on turning big problems into solutions led him to create a single 9-figure invoice on the table.  

This event caught Cupertino’s attention, and Steve Jobs flew to meet with John, to replicate his sales system across the sales division at Apple.  After leading the strategic division for 12 years, he was appointed as the Director of Education, designing and executing Apple’s strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean.

He led all aspects of Apple’s education business including the sales, reseller channel, marketing and content teams.

After 24 years of serving Apple, John created his consulting firm, where his strategies have helped clients in the education space to create over a quarter of a billion dollars of valuation within years.

John’s focus is on investments and enterprise consulting.

Director of Marketing


“Extraordinary team player, always responsible. Deep knowledge of digital marketing, analytics & great team leadership.”

– Alejandro Lomelin Salguero – General Motors

I have worked with Luis for more than 7 years and he has provided extraordinary results in campaign & positioning strategies, increasing metrics all around, working hand in hand with designers to make the pieces as effective as possible and adapting it to different media.”

– Kristopher Vega – UX Designer

Luis is a visionary at heart.  With 14 years of experience in the digital marketing world, he has led multiple 7-figure marketing campaigns in-house by diligently optimizing conversions driven by deep research, marketing strategies and brand positioning. 

He is a Google, Facebook & Microsoft Advertising partner, and has mastered the art of SEO where he took the Mexico market by storm at his previous venture in the financial world.

Luis currently serves customers in the financial, travel, real estate and education space. 

Director of Brand Design


Cristobal Vidal is the Director of Brand Design at MentorMe.  His passion for graphic design and entrepreneurship led him to enter the designer and luxury products space, supporting MentorMe’s vision & it’s customers.

His main focus is on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to make digital interactions user friendly and optimize for conversions.

He’s worked for major motion graphics and advertising agencies in Chile.   Part of his work includes industry influencers, celebrities and brands in the beauty, education, and travel space.

Director of Operations LATAM


Paul Fuentes is a trilingual executive with an engineering background and an MBA focused on General Management. He has more than 22 years of experience helping to develop and implement commercial, market, and customer strategies for business generation, strategic alliances, and operations.

Mr. Fuentes’ professional career has allowed to him to develop deep experience in several markets such as travel, hospitality, services, telecommunications, technologies, and consumer goods with leading companies in their respective niches.

His strong vision allowed him to generate strategies with a particular management to achieved global and specific results within corporations, increasing the value of their operations and infrastructure, creating synergies between core areas of the companies and those who serve these areas, obtaining extraordinary results.

The integration of digital and analytics tools as well as CRM’s and the management of different commercial channels have allowed the implementations and control of business indicators, and the loyalty and retention of high value customers with the development of programs for each of them.